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The Farm to Preschool e-newsletter will be now be folded into National Farm to School Network’s (NFSN) monthly e-newsletter, which is sent to more than 13,000 farm to school advocates, supporters and partners across the country. In addition to its regular story features, resource highlights and policy updates, the NFSN monthly e-newsletter will bring farm to preschool perspectives and priorities to a larger audience and align our work at the core of the farm to school movement.

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For Inquiries

If you have any questions regarding the website and its contents, or questions regarding specific programs, please email us at info@farmtopreschool.org.

To Upload Your Resources

If you are interested uploading any resources from a farm to preschool-type program or have any event announcements or policy initiatives to share, please send your materials in PDF format (JPEG files for images) to info@farmtopreschool.org. All photos should be saved with the following file name: your program_your organization_your event_date. “Date” should be saved as “_month.date.year” (e.g. _01.10.12). A sample submitted photo might be saved as “Farm to Preschool_Occidental College_Farm Field Trip_01.10.12” All materials should be saved with the following file name: your program_your organization_name of material_date. “Date” should be saved as “_month.date.year” (e.g. _01.10.12). A sample submitted file might be saved as “Farm to Preschool_Occidental College_Parent Workshop Template_01.10.12”

Your materials may be sent back to you if not sent in the correct format.

To be Added to the Listserv

If you are interested to be part of our listserv, please send an email to info@farmtopreschool.org.
Please include the following information with any email correspondence:

  • Your name, title, organization
  • List of resources you want to have uploaded on this website
  • If any resource is evidence-based, please provide background evaluation information
  • If you have an event announcement, please attach a flyer if available, in PDF format
  • If you are sharing a local or state law or policy passed in your region or state, please include an online link
  • If you are sharing a grant opportunity, please include the online link
  • If you are requesting to be put on the listserv to receive newsletters developed by the Farm to Preschool Subcommittee of the National Farm to School Network, please include your name, title and organization